$25.95 each
Great stereo sound for home, business or workshop. Ideal for music or PA applications, this 20W per channel amplifier was designed for use in a portable outdoor music system. Easy to connect - the speakers connect to pigtail leads and a 3.5mm phone plug is provided for input of a computer, iPhone, AppleTV or other music source. There are no external controls; volume is controlled from the music source. But, using an iPhone or comparable source, you get plenty of volume adjustment, from silent to quite loud. A button on the front panel mutes the sound. It glows green when on, red when mute. Also has a 120Vac output cord for connection of other auxiliary equipment. Heavy-duty metal cabinet, 9.5" x 8.5" x 2".
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (9 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Bronx, NY USA
Easy Does it
This unit is sturdy built, neat looking and it works GREAT. It has replaced a wireless Bluetooth speaker that needed constant recharging. No-nonsense, truly plug and play.

A customer from S. Kalifornia
Incredible Value!
For the quality of parts, build quality, and performance, this amp is a great deal! It may be "overbuilt" and kinda big but for the price you make compromises (just move that crap away on your shelve to make room). The input and speaker wires can redone with jacks/terminals since the cable are on terminal connectors to the main board.

A customer from COLTON, SD USA
Quality amplifier
This is a very well made amplifier, that uses a class D (TDA8922B) 2x50W device. It's sealed up for outdoor use, and had a generous circuit board if you wish to engineer adaptations. It sounds great.

A customer from Sherman Oaks, CA USA
Awesome rugged amp!
This little amp packs some good sound, and a very hard rugged case. Wire pairs are black+red, Green+white. And can't beat the price!

A customer from North Hollywood, CA
Just what I was looking for
I got this for a boom-box type amp project for my tablet. I just gave it a quick test with a portable CD player, and a couple of old Radio Shack speakers. Looks like it will do the trick.

This amplifier is the amp portion of a Russound AirGo powered speaker. I got some additional information from Russound -

Stardard speaker wiring:

Red – Right +
Black – Right –
White – Left +
Green – Left –

8 Ohm impedance