$4.95 each
Crisp, clear amplified sound for your iPod or other portable music player. Requires a bit of minor surgery. Cut off the proprietary Sony-Ericsson plug, and attach a 3.5mm stereo phone plug and a power source (batteries or power supply). Color-coded wires in control cable are easy to identify; red and black for 5 Vdc power, blue, green and copper for left and right audio signal. 35" cable between speakers. 15" cable between speaker and connector. Operates on 5 Vdc (power source not included). Speaker dimensions: 2.1" high x 1.8" wide x 1.2" deep. Of course, if you have the Sony-Ericsson phone/music player that these were designed for, just plug and play.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Average Customer Review:  (9 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Calgary, Alberta
I like these!
I received 2 pairs of these when I bought a few cellular phones, 1 for my wife, and 1 for my son.

My son immediately uploaded a pile for music to his phone and started to listen to them using the phones internal speaker. It sounded OK, but when these were plugged into the phone, all of us were amazed at the sound quality. For their size, the sound is hard, if not impossible to beat. As one of the others reviewers stated, if you are an audiophile, you won't appreciate these. However, if your life revolves to listening to poor quality audio played through your smart phone, you will enjoy these.

I am using a pair of these for a bench speaker application and really, they can't be beat for this purpose.

A customer from SAN MATEO, CA USA
can't complain for $5.
good quality - but more like a headset than a mini-speaker. thanks for the pin-out.

A customer from WALDORF, MD USA
My computer Logitech S-120 speakers stopped working and while I was changing out the amplifier board, I saw a youtube vid on converting these MPS-70s to handle USB and standard stereo headphones by DIY Perks. Out of curiosity, I purchased 3 of these with the idea of converting 2 of them into a soundbar and the third into a replacement set for the 120. And, they work nicely as a replacement for the Logitech and to my ears sound better.

Just keep expectations reasonable and don't expect it to sound as good as $1000 KLH speakers but for laptop or desktop speakers these are fine.

A customer from New Jersey
nice compact speakers
I purchased the speakers for my laptop. They also sound nice using my phone and a regulated 5v supply, too. They do the job and I find the audio range acceptable.

A customer from KIRKLAND, WA USA
Nice Speakers - here's the pin out
These are nice speakers to use with any MP3 player, the price for new is about as good as you will find. Here is the pin out for them, just chop off the connector and solder on a regular phono plug.
Red wire = 3 -5V DC power supply
Black Wire = Ground
Blue wire = left speaker
Green wire = right speaker
clear insulation wire = tie to +V to turn on the speakers (could be rigged for an on off switch). Hint, the wires, even after to strip off the insulation are hard to solder, I think there might be some sort of varnish on them, just keep the heat on and use flux.
They sound awesome with my Sansa Player !