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Liteon # LTP-3790JG (K2 verision). Dual-digit 7-segment, 0.56" green digit. Gray face. Although it looks like a dual alphanumeric display, it was customized by the manufacturer. It apparently can be used as a dual 7-segment display with no decimal points. See customer comments and spec sheets. Can be stacked end to end. 0.99"w x 0.83" h overall. Fits 24 pin DIP socket.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (5 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Canada
Missing Functionality
I can verify the information provided by the previous poster. The left digit has 12 working segments (the two middle vertical segments are nonfunctional) and the right only has 8 (basically a 7-segment with the middle segment divided in two). For simple numerical display, these quirks present no problem, however, do bear them in mind if you desire any more exotic application.

A customer from California
Like the others say ...
Like the others say, this part is missing some segments on both digits. It appears to be a common anode display similar to LTP-3786G. You can find the data sheet for the LTP-3786G on the digikey website. Looking at the top of the display with the decimal points on the bottom, pin 1 is in the lower left corner. The left digit is missing segments (segments don't light) L, DP, and G. The right digit is missing M, L, K, D, DP, H, G, and P.

A customer from Las Vegas, NV
custom display
I went into the internet looking for a data sheet for your part number, LTP-3790JG and found that this part comes from LiteOn with various “arrangements.” These “arrangements” show in the part number as an “F Code”. Your parts have an F8 code on the outside.
What appears to be happening is that Lite On custom makes these displays with certain diodes purposely blown to their customer’s specification. On your F8 parts: G1 on pin 15, G2 on pin 15, H2 on pin 14, K2 on pin 5, M2 on pin 2 and both DPs on pin 8 are blown out. This makes your F8 part unusable as an alphanumeric part.
You should change your catalog to 7-segment displays without the decimal point. Those segments all work on the F8 part.

Brian Edwards from Californy
Not quite alphan-numeric display
I was expecting a 'union jack' two character 14 segment display when I bought several.
I wouldn't call this a true Alphanumeric display and Lite-on doesn't seem to have a datasheet.

I found the two common anodes and have determined that yes, the typical 7 segment
A,B,C,D,E,F and split G elements are connected to both digits as usual BUT...
neither of the middle vertical segments or the DP work on either digit.

The diagonal segments only work on the LEFT side. I understand the segments are labeled
Alphabetically skipping I and O but for simplicitys sake, I will use compass points for the X and + inner segments.
North and South don't work one either digit.
East and West work on both digits.
Diagonals NE, SE, SW, and NW only work
on the left digit and neither Decimal Points
seem to be connected. Apparently this was
a special build using a standard package but
isn't fully wired like similar Lite-ON displays.

Why listen to me ?
I am nearly 50, have an AA degree in Electronics, have worked in the barcode industry for half my life doing sales, assembly, repairs, assembly, tech support, field service and limited programming. In my spare time,
I occasionally reverse bias or overvoltage components and watch the sparks fly....

A customer from BROOKLYN, NY USA
Useless as originally described.
The description on these parts was initially wrong, but has now been updated to reflect the actual nature of these parts.
Segments G and L and decimal don't work on the left digit, and on the right digit, P,G,H,M,L,K and decimal are all blown out, on all ten units I bough a year or so ago. Oh well...