CAT# BCR-123
$21.00 each
Lightweight charger for two rechargeable CR123 (RCR123A) lithium batteries. IC control prevents overcharging. LED status lamp: Red = charging, Green = fully charged. Charger output 3.6Vdc / 360mA. Includes cords for home or automobile charging.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from Phoenix Az.
So far so good! It paid for itself already!
My Sig Sauer light uses the CR 123 battery to run a very very bright high frequency AC LED and a laser which aligns with a 124 grain 9mm hollow point fired from a 3.25" barrel @ 25 yards. This light somehow drains the batteries quickly. I can use it for 5 minutes, set it aside for a week (turned off of course) and the battery is dead. With 3 NiMH batteries I recharge 2 while the 3rd is in the light on the gun. Guns are usually a lot safer when you hit what you are aiming at, and can see enough to be sure who you are aiming at. "Tis a nice charger that does not create excessive heat that kills the batteries. Drug store chargers are a rip off! The throw away 1 time use CR 123s are $17 at Walgreens 24 hour. OUCH! I am on the second charge cycle. I love having that much light in a package that small, and that doubles as a lase sight. The neighborhood is not what it used to be. Hearing a cop being shot to death a month ago at 2:14 AM is unnerving. This officer responded to a call at my house the day before. Now he is gone. Great item that keeps the Sig's light and sighting system working 24/7/365! Personal protection and safety are better served when I have charged batteries. THANKS! I LOVE IT