$1.50 each
10 or more $1.25 each
Table-top, solar-powered calculator with tilt 8-digit display. Raised tactile keys. Comfortable to use and easy to read. 6.80" x 3.77" x 0.70" high. Individually boxed. Dual power; designed for battery or solar. Internal battery is old and probably corroded, but the unit works fine on solar power alone. We include an extra, new battery if you wish to replace the old one. See spec sheets for battery replacement.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from IN USA
Solar Calculator
Nice desk calculator! Size is 7" high by 3.750" wide. Not a scratch on it.
I've used it everyday for a week, and it's working great. Haven't torn it apart yet to replace the battery, that is also included....

Andrew Palm from MENASHA, WI USA
Battery contact corrosion
When you replace the battery, be sure to clean corrosion from the battery contacts. The original battery must have been in the unit a long time. Contact cleaner worked for me. Also, one of the rubber feed was shorter than the others, so I'm using only two feet.

A customer from Dayton, Oregon, U.S.A.
Changing batteries
This seems like a pretty good deal, all in all, but it would have been nice to know ahead of time that there are SIX screws holding the back on - with only two being visible. The other four are under the little rubber feet at the corners. And corroded !! WOW! Whatever brand battery was in these things - avoid them like the plague. I haven't seen a "button battery" corrode as much as these. Chinese made, no doubt. Once the corrosion is gone it should be an easy job, but we'll see (I"m only to the cleaning part right now). I reserve 5 star for good things I don't have to work on to make them function.