CAT# CF-586

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Powerful, compact centrifugal blower designed for medical application. 72mm diameter x 60mm wide body. 17.5mm I.D. port. Operates on 14Vdc @ 2A (no load). 50 LPM. 2 conductor 3.5' cable terminating to 3 pin connector.

For a 40" long flexible plastic tube that fits this fan, see our CAT# FT-8.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

RogerofLisle from Lisle, Illinois USA
Precision made, and Variable speed too!
The motor likes to see 12 to 14vDC. However, I used a 12v 2a power supply with one of those single color LED Strip RF dimmer controls that puts out PWM, and the speed of the motor is nicely controllable. I measured 4" w.c pressure @ 25%, 6" w.c. @ 50%, and 7-3/4" w.c. @ 100%. If you need spot cooling, this is the fan for you. It DOES need a 2a supply, though.