CAT# D5S-6
$18.95 each
A fast-acting deoxidizing solution that cleans, lubricates, protects and improves conductivity on metal connectors, contacts and surfaces. It is ideal for stationary and moving contact connectors. Stabilizes connections between similar and dissimilar metals. 5 oz.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Rising Fawn, GA
Little know Deoxit(R) trick...
I've been a Deoxit user for at least 20 years! What I have always worried about with cleaners/
lubricators is will I have to repeat the process in a year or two? Not so with Deoxit. Spay once, problem solved!!! Now here's the trick for potentiometers (I.E. Pots): Spray Deoxit from the front shaft-side getting it in where the shaft pivots. Work the shaft back and forth and maybe spay it again just to good luck. Eventually the Deoxit will work itself to the actual pot assembly!

A customer from raleigh NC USA
DeOxit worth the price, it works !
Just the smallest amount of DeOxit works great, perfect for restorations of older ham radio gear and modern equipment too. Cleans and enhances contacts, it is expensive at first look, however, you only need the smallest amount so that can will last you a long timel.