CAT# DCM-351
$9.75 each
Relatively powerful, low-current DC motor and gearbox with a 4.9" diameter plastic (nylon?) turntable with a rubber o-ring circumference that could be used to drive another wheel. Turntable can be removed from motor and rubber ring on turntable can be removed as well. Motor gearbox has a 5/16" diameter shaft that is flatted and splined.

45RPM @ 24 Vdc, 60mA - operates at 12Vdc at 1/2 speed. Drive motor - Mabuchi RS-380SH. 1.1" diameter x 1.67". Gearbox - Molon #CHM-2435-1. 2.75" x 3.00" x 0.57" Threaded mounting holes in four corners. 5/16" diameter shaft, flatted and splined.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (8 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from San Bernardino,California
Base mobility
Works great for robots!

A customer from Cheyenne, WY USA
nice little gearbox
pretty easy to completely disassemble by drilling out the crimped part of the screw mounting holes. I removed the dc motor and replaced with a stepper and will be using it for a model railroad turntable. about 7282 steps for 1 rev with a 7.5 degree stepper.

A customer from DUBLIN, CA USA
nice gearmotor
A good value for a gearmotor. Gearbox is slightly noisy on both units I got. Minimum speed is about 2 RPM at 2.3 V, 40 mA unloaded. Rubber O-Ring on turntable edge makes the package a nice robot wheel + motor. ID of 4 tapped holes on gearbox is 0.163", centers are 2.500" x 2.380" apart.

A customer from BOWIE, MD USA
Nice and slow. I found that "rack screws" fit the mounting holes.

A customer from PALMYRA, IN USA
Good buy on a geared DC motor.
One way bearing and sprocket - CAT# CH-10 fits nicely on this motors output shaft after smoothing the ridges. The turntable removes easily. Motor runs smoothly in both directions but a tad noisy. Great geared motor for the price!.