CAT# DCM-440

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JEI (Johnson Electric HC675LG). Labeled as a JEI Sample 36Vdc, but operates smoothly and efficiently from 6-36Vdc. Built-in encoder with 3-wire termination. Steel, 45mm (1.77") worm-gear attached to shaft with two set screws. No-load rating: 6800 RPM @ 12Vdc/ 250mA. 36.5mm diameter x 74mm (1.43" x 2.92") including encoder. 8" leads.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from CAMDEN, OH USA
Great motor, okay encoder.
This is a nice little motor. I haven't taken mine over 12 volts yet, but it seems to operate smoothly even down to one volt.

I haven't tried to use the encoder at any voltage other than 5 volts, but it seems to work well there. If you feed +5 volts to the white wire and use the brown wire as common you will get a 50% duty cycle square wave at 6 cycles per revolution on the green wire. Since there is only one output phase it is impossible to determine the direction of rotation from the encoder output, but so long as you don't need that ability this encoder seems to work fine.

A customer from Acton, CA
I wish I had come here earlier today and saved about 4 hours. I just completed determining the exact same thing as the person from Ohio. Positive 5V goes to white, Negative to ground and sense wire is green. The other way to say 50% duty is 12 state changes per revolution. So if you are just checking interrupts you'd get 12 instead of 6.

A customer from Malaysia
Motor controller ??
May I know how to view the encode count position ? Any controller come with the motor ? Editors Note - No controller comes with this motor. All the information we have is in the description. We do not know the count position.