CAT# DCM-473
$30.00 each
Lots of power from this compact combination of 3-phase brushless DC motor and low-speed gear box. Heavy duty worm gear drive gearbox with grease fitting. 10mm square shaft is tapped with 5/16-18 UNC 28 thread, situated at a 65° angle. Overall length of motor and gearbox, 142mm. Gearbox is 87mm wide x 50mm. For detailed drawings of gearbox and motor specs see spec sheet. Motor without gearbox is our CAT# DCM-459.

Note: This type of DC motor requires a controller to function. We have some inexpensive controllers and servo testers designed for use with remote control model cars and aircraft that can be used to operate this motor. See notes on controllers (CAT# SC-110, SC-118) and servo testers (CAT# STR-110) for more information.

Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

RogerofLisle from Lisle, Illinois USA
Very high quality BLDC motor & gearbox
I bought a bunch of the DCM-459, and use a Roboteq MLB 1660 controller for testing. This motor with gearbox runs 8 RPM on 12v, and is used here:
https://vimeo.com/15537820. The output bearing is a hefty roller bearing that will support quite a lot. Ball bearings for all others. Very nice low RPM drive for dampers, spotlights, cameras, except that you need the driver. Here is a nice board that uses the MC33033 chip set, but needs some jumpers or PIC programming for $17.67:

This must have cost many, many hundreds of dollars new