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Nidec #22H677E010. 3-phase, 12-pole brushless DC motor. 36mm diameter x 40mm long. 4mm diameter x 20mm long shaft with a pre-installed collar. Removed from working equipment in good condition. Six leads. Spec sheet for similar motor available below.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from Henderson, North Carolina, USA
DCM 484 pinout
The color codes for the leads is:
red Vmotor
black common
yellow tachometer out
orange CW / -CCW
white R / -S
blue PWM
Vmotor and common are the motors power and return leads. Running this motor at 12 volts will give outstanding torque but will cause it to violently overheat if ran continuously. This happened with no load on the motor. If you operate this motor continuously at 12
volts you will need to heat sink it and use forced air cooling like R/C racecar drivers use to cool their motors. Operating it intermittently will also help with cooling.
I tried my motors at 6 volts and found their performance to be quite good. You will not get the very high torque that 12 volts will give but it can be ran continuously without any problems. Please bear in mind that these tests were done with no load on the motor. Your results may vary.
The yellow lead is tachometer output. If you use this signal pull it to +5V with a pull up resistor of 2K to 3K.
The remaining 3 leads are inputs used to control the motor. They are TTL / CMOS
compatible. Ground is logic 0, +5 volts is
logic 1. If an input is left open (floating)
the controller will interpret it as a logic 0.
The orange lead, CW / -CCW, is used to control the motors direction. Logic 0 gives
counter clockwise rotation. Logic 1 gives clockwise rotation. CW and CCW are defined as looking into the motors shaft.
The white lead, R / -S, is used to run
or stop the motor. Logic 0 stops it, logic 1
allows it to run. The motors drivers are off
when R / -S is at logic 0 so the shaft will turn freely.
The blue lead is for a PWM signal to control the motors speed. It can vary from 20% to 100% duty cycle at 500Hz to 50KHz. If you don't want to vary its speed just connect to +5 volts. If the duty cycle is taken too low the controller will shut off the motor. Returning PWM to
at least 20% or greater will not restart the motor. Either Vmotor must be cycled off then on or R /-S must be pulsed low.
If the motor is stalled for about 2 seconds the controller will shut off the motor. Reset it by cycling Vmotor or pulsing R / -S low.
The gears in GR-31 and the 5 gear set
( no longer available ) will fit this motor.
I feel that this a nice motor for small robotic projects and is a good buy. Just be careful not to cause it to overheat.