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Excellent for LEDs and low current applications. 3 Vdc, 100 mA wall transformer. 6' cord. 2.5mm mini-phone plug, tip negative. Large quantity available. UL. New, unused items, but case exteriors may have blemishes.

A Note on Wall Transformers: A.C. and D.C. Wall Transformers are not regulated unless otherwise stated. They provide a specified voltage at a specified load. If the load is lower than specified, the voltage will be higher then specified. With a higher load, the voltage will drop below that specified. For example, a 12 volt 500 ma. wall transformer may read 20 volts with no load or 9 Volts with a 600 ma. load.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

Gary from Central California Sierra Mts
Great value
These little power supplies are inexpensive and excellent for small LED and/or microcontroller projects. They are unregulated and run about 4.5v open, pulling down to 3v @ 100ma across 33ohms.

A customer from Houston, TX USA
Comments: Palm Pilot Power Pak!
I had an old (10 yr. old ) Palm Pilot. It has not worked in a couple of years. But, the power pak was good! The nice thing is, it puts out 5V. D.C.!! WOW! KD5BIH