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4mW red, 650nm laser diode module. Designed for installation into an OEM product, they are functioning units with a bare, exposed PC board, 6" leads terminated with a 2-contact female connector, 0.1" spacing. The brass body is 10.5 x 15mm. Overall length with PCB is 22mm. Operating voltage is 3VDC @ 25mA. Polymer aspheric lens, 5mm aperture. <2mrad divergence.
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Average Customer Review:  (11 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Torrance, CA
It works great at 2.4V --> 3.5V
I've run a number of tests on the module and found the following:

The highest voltage I've tested at is 3.78 volts, it uses 23.9mA at that voltage. It may work at a higher voltage, but it's my only module, so I didn't try any higher. To be safe, limit the voltage to 3.5 volts maximum.

At 3.50 volts, the current is 23.5mA.
At 3.00 volts, the current is 22.5mA.
At 2.40 volts, the current is 21.1mA. Below this voltage the current drops like a rock and the light from the module drops like a rock too.

As long as the voltage is around 2.4 volts to 3.5 volts the module works great. There's no need for any current limiting resistor because the unit has the current limiting built into it. It works great with two AAA, AA, C, & D batteries. I've even connected it to output pin of a PIC running at 3.5 volts and was able to turn it on and off at 250 Hz. It may go even higher, I haven't tested that yet.

A customer from WHITE, GA USA
I've ruined two of these thus far using a 9v battery to test it. Didn't take long to do either. Was very bright while it lasted though...Editors Note: These units clearly state 3 Volts

A customer from Boise, ID usa
Laser Power
The laser works as described, as powerfull as an average laser pointer pen while running at 3.3v.

A customer from Los Angeles, Ca
Does this device use standard red/black polarity? Editors Note:
Yes Red positive, Black negative

A customer from CA, USA
Module is case Positive, +
The red is +, and black is -, and the case is essential connected to red, as the case is positive. Great for mounting in a metal housing, and using the housings as the positive power lead!