CAT# EL-15
$1.35 each
100 or more $1.00 each
Used for backlighting displays, control panels, special effects and model lighting. Flexible, produces practically no heat. Operates on 80-120Vac and will run off of inverter or standard "house" electricity. Salmon color in off-state. Glows white when energized. Solderable pins.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

Richard Jackson from HUNTINGTN BCH, CA USA
Perfect match with LCD Display
This is a perfect match with the #LCD-221 display. If you want a LCD that is visible in day light and at night this is a good combination. You will need one back light for each LCD.

A customer from IMPERIAL, PA USA
Didn't Like Outdoors
I used these to retrofit into automotive Landau lights (on roof pillars). Looked GREAT for about a year then started to turn strange color and shrunk

A customer from DENVER, CO USA
Great Bathroom Night Light
This little thing makes a perfect night light for my bathroom. I mounted it like a sandwich between two pieces of thin plexiglass with the wall plug contacts coming straight out of the back so it sits flush against the wall. Glows very pale green - almost white.

Uses almost no power, drawing only 1 mA at 120 VAC. I just leave the thing plugged in all the time because who cares?