CAT# ES-10
$4.50 each
10 or more $4.00 each
Small, painfully-loud two-tone piezo siren for auto or home security devices. Operates 6-12 vdc, 110 ma. 108dB output (30cm). 1.84" x 1.53" x 0.88" high black plastic body. Two mounting holes on diagonal 1.80" centers. 3" wire leads.
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Average Customer Review:  (13 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from MARSHALL, MN US
Wow - they weren't kidding about deafening!
I swapped out the buzzer on my water alarm kit (All Electronics P/N MK-108) with this piezo siren. The result is a siren that can be heard very clearly two floors up. This unit has the ability to put out a louder, more irritating, sound than units twice it's size. The very low power consumption is the icing on the cake.

A customer from US
Use a decoupling cap if you use a resistor
To the last poster: you cannot put a resistor in series to drop the voltage. Piezos have capacitance which is charged - which results in motion of the ceramic material - which is what you hear. Also, the chip which drives the piezo has a minimum operating voltage to function - which is not met with a resistor in series - due to huge voltage drops as the piezo charges.

To lower the volume, use a REGULATED supply of lower voltage, or if you use a series resistor - a cap across the module - consisting of at least 100 uF - paralleled by a 1 uF ceramic.

These approaches will allow you to get quite a dynamic range.

A customer from Vatican City USA
Resistor deoes work
I have tried it wit a series resiorsistor and monitored the current, clealry adding the resist will work but it reduces the current. I sampled at 20kH and saw no inrush.

A customer from Lititz PA
Almost too loud @ 12VDC. I bought this to wake me up for ambulance call in the middle of the night & thinking about getting something not as loud. This would be perfect if you a distance from the siren or in a noisy enviornment. You won't be disappointed with this siren!!

A customer from ALASKA USA (no we don't ride motorcycles most of the year !)
weather resistance
I had mounted this on my Harley to accompany the paging alarm, and it's a great item--just as earsplitting as advertised. My alarm modules were mounted forward of the rear wheel between the starter relay and the rear tire splash shield (dry side) up high.
The siren lasted well over two summers but eventually the elements got the better of it and now I need to replace it as the siren tone has become weak.
Know that it's a great buy, but if it's mounted out in the elements (weather), it will need to be replaced periodically depending on the ambient conditions demanded of it. It is NOT water-resistant or waterproofed.