CAT# EX-57
$3.00 each
Originally a conditioning charger for a 14.4V 2600 maH LI-ION/LI-POLYMER battery. The circuit board has a 100uh, 4.3A inductor, CTX100-2-52M, that is well worth the price of the board. With a little effort you can remove the inductor, 3 sets of header connectors, a MOSFET, two voltage regulators, two TO-220 aluminum heatsinks, three 330 uf 35v radial electrolytic capacitors.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from DENVER, CO USA
Tiny Gold Mine for less than a Big Mac!
This board comes straight out of the Cadex UCC 1 Universal Battery Conditioning Charger.
**All Electronics CAT# BC-241**

The cool thing is, the three of these I bought all seem to work. I just connected the P1 header to a 24V power supply (GND is the inside pin) and it came to life with the different color LEDs on the flexible button panel.

Truth be told, I bought these for the components. Besides the beefcake inductor and the three capacitors mentioned in the description, I put the information about the other worthwhile bits down below.

ON MC7805ACT - +5V 1A Linear Voltage Regulator - (TO-220)

On one side of the LARGE HEATSINK:
National LM2676T-ADJ - SIMPLE SWITCHER Adjustable 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator - (TO-220 7-pin)

The other side of the LARGE HEATSINK:
Fairchild FQP13N06L - 60V LOGIC N-Channel MOSFET (TO-220)

On the board itself:
Two (2) ON MBRD835L 8A 35V Schottky Barrier Rectifiers (DPAK SMT), what looks like a circuit breaker, as well as a 28-pin chip by the large header which I believe is some kind of CC-CV Battery Charge Controller, but I don't know which one exactly. There are countless other components too, but I don't care enough to bother with removing them.

Overall, this thing is a tiny gold mine for less than the price of a Big Mac! Just buy this goody bag and you wont regret it.

A customer from LEANDER, TX USA
The 24 pin part is a Microchip 18F873 controller. This design looks a lot like the Microchip reference design for an intelligent battery charger.

A customer from SPRINGVILLE, UT USA
Still looking for spec sheet/hookup info
So I bought two of these along with a 14.8 v Li-Ion battery (LBAT-148) to charge with them... Still waiting for the spec sheet or hook-up information that was vaguely promised in the description. Applying 24v to the jumper and seeing the lights blink is nice, but where do I connect the battery I want to charge???
My real project is still on hold until I can charge that battery.
Can anyone give me more information than what is already here?