CAT# FB-90

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12.5MM (O.50") I.D. ferrite, noise-suppression snap-bead. 36mm long x 25mm diameter.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from CATLETT, VA USA
Works well on AC power cords
I have one on my Heathkit Amp 220 VAC line and one on each television set in the house. One on each computer in my home network (4 of them, including the HP laptop). Really effective in preventing RF from getting into equipment - also from keeping the RF hash generated by switching power supplies from getting OUT into the AC line. I have a small assortment of various sizes of snap on's. The secret to making these the most effective is to use one that fits the power cord securely - the ferrite halves MUST touch on both sides of the split when the connector housing is closed. If you break a snap tab, just wind a rubber band over the housing or use a couple of small tywraps. If it is a little bit loose on the cord or cable just use a tywrap on either side so the housing doesn't move. Sometimes the location of the ferrite on the cable will determine how effective it is. Sometimes you will need more than one. RFI elimination isn't an exact science, especially when the interfering signal is sporadic, changes in frequency, or is radiating from multiple sources. Having a few ferrites around sure helps to nail a sticky problem.