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These miniature fluorescent lamp kits (CCFL, cold-cathode fluorescent lamps) were designed to customize computers. Equipped with Molex-style connectors that daisy-chain into a computer's power supply, they operate on 12 Vdc. Cut off the connector, and tap into any 12 Vdc power source. They make excellent special effects light sources for car, home, hobby or display use. They create very little heat and operate on low current.

Lamps are encased in a 0.45" plexiglass tube with opaque stripes and a 0.59" cube ends that protect the lamp and provide the lamps color. Includes a 12Vdc power inverter and connectors to operate two lamps from the same inverter.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from Rochester NY
Nice case lights
Case Modders would live these! Really resonable price for case lights.Nice and compact, really bright! I crammed the inverter and 2 lights into a Morex mITX case (for a VIA EPIA-SP setup) and now I've got a nice blue glow emminating from the box!
Not explicitly listed is the switch with sits in an expansion cover(which i removed and intergrated in the case since it has no back ports).
Leads on lights going to inverter are about 8" (guessing) so keep in mind when planning your lighting/wiring scheme!