CAT# FSH-100
2 for $1.00
2 piece minimum order
10 to 99 $0.45 each
100 or more $0.40 each
The simplest electronic flasher ever. Great for attention getting displays, party decorations, night time warning signals. A red 5mm LED with built-in flasher chip is attached to a 9 volt battery snap that at one time snapped onto a 2 AA cell battery holder. Operates on 3-9 Vdc. We plugged a flasher directly into a standard 9 volt battery and it has been flashing for several weeks with no problem. Flash rate, approximately 120 flashes per minute. Batteries not included.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from N LITTLE ROCK, AR USA
Loads of fun !
Cheap entertainment.. People come into the shop and notice parts drawers flashing red. I've lost count of the different explainations we've offered..

Long lasting theft deterrent
One of these flashers coupled with a BH-143 battery holder and two alkaline D-cells will make a very long lasting blinking thing that looks a lot like it's an alarm indicator. Place it wherever it can be seen by a would-be thief, and he/she will likely look for an easier target. The setup described above has been flashing without interruption, and with no discernable difference in brightness, for two or three months now.

A customer from HOUSTON, TX USA
People "Magnet"!!
I never gave these much thought! ...I bought one from my brother. He bought about ten! It is great and it flashes on it's own! The LED is soldered and "glued" down to the board! It does not come loose!
I stuck one on a 9V battery and placed it on top of my window frame. Neighbors was curious!! They thought it was a burglar or fire alarm! ha ha ha KD5BIH