$1.00 each
10 to 99 $0.85 each
100 or more $0.60 each
1.5 Vdc, xenon flash assembly with flash tube and reflector, trigger transformer, photoflash capacitor, neon charge indicator and other components. Ready to go. Built-in-AA cell holder. PC board with components, 2.1" x 2.15" x 1.15" deep. Battery holder adds 1.6" to length. Includes instructions. Note: Some of the metal parts may be tarnished.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Average Customer Review:  (9 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from GLENDALE, AZ US
Works great except for one thing...
...trying to make it flash on its own. Soldered the charge switch to the contact and added a toggle switch in place of the trigger thinking it would act as an intermittent strobe. No dice. It will only charge if circuit is open and not constantly closed. Not sure how to bypass that. Other than that, it works great, (if you don't mind manully activating it). 3.5 stars, IMO.

A customer from HUNTINGTN BCH, CA US
Making it auto flash
To make this unit auto flash unsolder (remove) the resistor next to the ready light (brown-black-green). Unsolder the brass trigger switch from the wire on the left (red in the picture). Solder this wire to the bottom lead (in the picture) of the resistor that was removed. The Flash rate will be about 1 flash every 8 seconds as long as the Charge Switch is closed.

A customer from HUNTINGTN BCH, CA US
Auto Flash
Since I purchased several of these and modified them in a similar manner, the neon conduction point does not all ways provide enough sharply enough spike to fire the xenon lamp. To make this work in a reliable manner would require a DIAC type device. There is a reasonable variation over the layout and parts of these boards that all will not work as I suggested, but for a hobbyist the price for the tube, Capacitor and Transformer cannot be beaten. I was intending using these for night flights of HP rockets (with flashing strobes :-)

A customer from Nunya
Nasty shock hazard
Warning! Handling this bare unit handed can shock you even after the battery has been removed. It is a NASTY bite, don't let the kids play with this one. Don't warn your buddies though ;-)

A customer from USA
doesn't autoflash
Made the modification as described. The unit didn't autoflash. Still is an excellent buy. It makes a fine firing box for model rockets, and perhaps can be made into a slave flash for photography.