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Hella 4DB 931 299-02. 7-pin flasher relay (2 small terminals). 30mm square x 60mm high.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Cleveland, OH USA
Hella Flasher Autopsy
I managed to trace out the circuit and pinout for this flasher and uploaded the info here:

A customer from SN LUIS OBISP, CA USA
yup..it works
First off, many thanks to the person from Cleveland for figuring this thing out. Everything works as they note. I needed a quick 12 V flasher for a bike-light project I was making out of All's 3 W LEDs. With this flasher, if you apply 12 V to #87 and ground #15 (according to the diagram by the kind person from Cleveland), you'll hear the relay clicking on and off. I found this clicking rate to be slightly faster than if you put 12V on #31. So with the #87/#15 12V/0V combo., I get a 12V pulse out of either #87b or #30, and this is what I'm driving my LEDs with to get a flash rate of about 2 Hz or so. Of course my bike sounds like a big turn signal now, but oh well. I got the quick, painless flashing I was hoping for.