CAT# GC-125
$17.50 each
Maintenance-free, rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery. Can be used in any position and trickle charged for long periods of time. Will not leak. 2.75" x 3.53" x 4" high. 0.1875" quick-connect connectors.
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Average Customer Review:  (19 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from BELLFLOWER, CA US
Good battery, great price!
I used one for a trailer emergency brake system at a great savings, and the other for experiments. This looks like a drop-in replacement for many emergency lighting systems, exit signs, and UPSs. The shipping can't be beat!

A customer from San Francisco Bay Area, USA
Spec Sheet
The spec sheet for this trusty battery can be found here:

A customer from Kaysville, UT USA
Another top-Quality Value-for Money Item
I buy some of my batteries from a battery-only specialist firm. I've just looked at their price sheet: A 3.4AH Panasonic Gel Cell is $31. This is a great little gel cell at an unbelievable price. I charge it with a 13V power supply I got with one of my handheld radios

M Perkins from Madison, WI
Description Clarification
The battery I recieved is a Universal Battery UB1250. Technically, this is an Absorption Glass Mat (AGM), not a Gel cell. Minor difference, just FYI.

A customer from San Pedro, Ca
AH rating
Is the AH rating on these batteries based on 20 AH like deep cycle batteries??