CAT# GC-1270
$23.50 each
5.94" x 2 .56" x 3.70" high.
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Average Customer Review:  (9 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from San Diego, CA
UPS battery
If you open up your average UPS (uninterruptible power supply) you will find one of these batteries. They are easily replaced with nothing more than a screw-driver. This is a great deal since the UPS I have was over $100 and the battery it came with only lasted 3 years. Hopefully I'll get another 3 years with this battery! This battery is also used in many other back-up power situations such as lighting & fire alarms. I've also used these batteries while camping. If you connect a 12v solar panel and a cigarette lighter socket to one of these you can charge it all day and then use it at night for light and for charging cell phones (or you can charge it with your car if you're worried about someone stealing your solar panel while you hike. It charges almost instantly when connected to a running car and then you can carry it down to the campfire). This battery is not suited for applications which require enormous amounts of current (don't connect it to a trolling motor or a 1000w sub woofer, for example). For something like that buy a car-battery-shaped deep-cycle battery. You have to keep those upright because (like a car battery) they are not sealed so acid will leak out if you tip them, but you can get a 35aH for about $35 and those can handle huge amounts of current.

A customer from Camarillo, CA USA
Perfect Verizon FIOS replacement
The battery for my FIOS Fiber optic backup went bad. It is a Portalac PX12072.
Verizon wanted to charge $58 for a new battery dispite the fact that I spend quite a bit of money per month with them!
I told them that I can get it for less than half the price else where.
While I did find it as low as $14 on eBay, the shipping was so high on eBay that it was actually less expensive to order from All Electronics.
This battery worked and fit perfectly in the FIOS unit.
Thanks All Electronics for a great product at a good price and a quick delivery time!

A customer from Santa Barbara, Ca
Replaced dead battery in APC 400W UPS, exact size & Amp/Hour rating. No problems

A customer from San Francisco Bay Area
Good Value
These work well as replacement batteries for many electric scooters. They seem to have as much range as factory batteries, but they're much cheaper than factory replacements.

A customer from HOUSTON, TX USA
Good battery!!
I purchased this battery for a "homebrew" digital clock (BIG!), that I and a friend built, about 30 years ago! The internal, rechargeable, Midland 12V battery failed a long long time ago... The clock failed recently! Now I find more and more uses everyday for this battery! I test (12V) assembled kits on it. I prefer NOT to connect it to my variable P/S...AC and all!
I use it on small to medium motors. solen- oids, etc. I will be getting me another soon! KD5BIH