CAT# IR-230
$21.95 each
Xytronic # 200GX-30. Thermally balanced, professional 30 Watt iron with hi-efficiency nichrome heating element. 480 deg. C (900F). Fast heat up and recovery time. Comfortable silicone rubber finger grip. Equipped with long-lasting, chrome plated, iron-clad, pretinned tip, PL-404. 3-conductor, grounded power cord. UL listed. See PL-404 and PL-410 for replacement tips.
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Average Customer Review:  (6 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Kaysville, UT. USA
Additional Safety Considerations....
In my prev. review I neglected to point out that a 3-element grounded iron is both safer to PC components as well as to the user because it is unlikely that 110V AC will be shorted into the iron's tip. As far as I'm concerned,all soldering irons should be made like this and not like the"cheapie" ones which can do this!

A customer from Kaysville,UT., USA
Good performanceis worth the extra money...
I've now used this iron on several occasions. After being off for several minutes it recovered its heat in about 20-30 seconds It was so amazing I actually timed it. If you are frustrated by the performance of cheap irons, this is the cure...

A customer from Milwaukee, WI US
High quality, good durability
Very High quality solering iron. Have used it dozens of times, heats quickly, and is quite durable. I will never go back to those cheap 'disposable' irons again!

KD7KNC from Kaysville, UT. USA
Tolerant of Stupid Abuse...
I made a very stupid error when I left this iron plugged in( inside the holder for 2 days); as Milwaukee Cust. stated, it has high durability. The nichrome element was not harmed- it survived, where such abuse would most def. kill a "cheapie" iron. I'm very happy with this item, but I will unplug it when finished in the future!

A customer from Tuscumia AL.
Fast and durable
Heats fast, quality power cord but default tip is too large for delicate board components. Order an additional smaller tip and your all set.