CAT# LED-141
$0.40 each
100 to 499 $0.32 each
500 to 999 $0.27 each
1000 or more $0.25 each
Hewlett Packard #HLMP-4000. 5mm diameter (T1 3/4) LED. Milky-white in off-state. Diffused Red and Green, three-lead package. For applications where dual-state illumination is required in the same package.
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Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Woodland Hills, Calif. USA
Nice bright indicator LED
The red appears to have a very slight orangish tinge (guessing it's about 630nm), the green is your typical indicator LED green (570nm thereabouts). Yellow when both elements are lit.

A customer from Virginia, USA
Red is the short lead
Red is the short lead

A customer from Belchertown, MA USA
Nice for multiple status indication in one package
Nice. 3 leads, 2 equal length + one at one side is shorter. Center lead is cathode, connect to ground. Apply +5V via 330ohm to the outside short lead to light red LED, apply same to outside long lead to get green; with both outside leads connected = yellow.

A customer from Pasadena, CA USA
which is brighter This or LED-63 since there is no spec sheet for this one I have noting to compare.