$8.95 each
Bright 12 Vdc 3-led lamp in an adjustable plastic housing, possibly from a medical application. 1/2" diameter threaded bushing mount. Adjustable around 270° horizontal arc, and 180° vertical. These are used fixtures, in good condition. The LED lamps are new 4W (20W equivalent) MR-16 style. Lamp housing is impact-resistant plastic, 3.22" long x 2.27" diameter. 13" leads.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from MERRITT ISLAND, FL USA
Note LMP-16, 19, 20 will not fit
The MR16 lamps LMP-16, LMP-19, or the LMP-20 will not fit this enclosure. The lip of the lamp is wider than the face plate can accommodate. While the internal lamp assembly is an MR16 base, the contacts are very loose and the lamp is essentially held in place by the clear front cover. Any other lamp shorter than the existing one will end up having intermittent contact. The existing lamp appears to be LMP-23.
The enclosure is not water resistant whatsoever, but besides that its a nice enclosure. I plan on using it as is mounted above a bandsaw, for the output is way too dim to be good for area illumination

A customer from Henderson, North Carolina, USA
A bright light for my tree house
A nice 12 V lamp. Draws 320 mA at 12 volts. Its color temp is warm white. You don't have to be concerned with polarity because it has a built in bridge rectifier.

A customer from ROCHESTER, NY USA
Very bright
Very bright and can even run at 7.5 and 9 volts (albeit dimmer). Had one running on a 9v alkaline battery for a couple of minutes but didn't want to kill the battery. The adjustable neck will make mounting this easy but it is also easily disassembled if you want to cannibalize the LED bulbs or paint the housing like I will be. For indoor use only, not weatherproof. Polarity doesn't seem to matter. A few minor scuffs in the lens but doesn't impact brightness/clarity. May pick up more if they still have them next time I order.