CAT# LP-1250
$7.50 each
GE# H7604 PAR 36 halogen spotlamp. 12V 50W sealed beam aircraft lamp designed to withstand extreme climatic vibration conditions which can result in short life expectancy and frequent lamp changing. Features 100,000 candle power (max) with a 5-degree vertical beam spread and a 7-degree horizontal beam spread. Screw-terminal G53 base. 4.35" diameter.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

FEDS from Metro-West Boston area
There's another use.
These are the halogen version or the #4052 (Pretty sure on the number) Anyway, a place they were REALLY common was in NIGHTCLUBS. Most all the fixtures that had a really sharp, bright beam [sometimes colored with a "gel"] used that 4052. Often you'd see 3,4,6,or even 8 of them on a fixture spinning around! Just as they started to switch to this #7604, the LED fixtures started to get popular. Bingo! Surplus! They're durable, bright, and HOT, so don't try and tape them into something, they'll fall out, and also keep 'em away from combustibles, nor should you stare into the beam. You'll see spots alright!
{Yah I was a building manager for a chain of clubs. Lots of them}