CAT# MAG-149
$1.85 each
100 or more $1.50 each
Strong neodymium magnet. 20mm diameter x 4mm thick. 5mm hole beveled to 10mm for countersunk #8 screw.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

Matt Logue from HILLIARD, OH USA
Pricey, but versatile vs other magnets
I use these to secure cabinets against kids. Much easier to install than the latches, which are a terror, and so much easier to use. To defer costs, I use only one of these, and the other with a non-countersunk screw. The "hole" in this magnet holds two #6 screw heads (one each way) so only one is needed per flush magnet-magnet union. If you use these to close to eachother, cover them with a thick tape to buffer impact. They are brittle as ceramic.

A customer from Los Angeles, CA USA
Countersink is great
I wanted a way to hold drawings and so forth when working in my shop. These magnets, together from an inexpensive wooden drawer pull and a countersunk wood screw from the hardware store are the perfect solution. Now I can stick drawings, photos, etc. to the side of my toolbox without them blowing away. The magnet is super-powerful, but the drawer pull "handle" makes them easy to pull off.