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Matsushita/Panasonic #7K180. 7mm metal oxide varistor. 18V. 0.45" long, cut-leads.
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Average Customer Review:  (5 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Austin, TX
Need to fix this.
Wish I had read the reviews on this product. Used it on a 120V AC line application and it exploded right after plugging it in. Had to reset the breaker and start some laundry.
Editors Note: The descripiton has been revised.

A customer from Houston, TX USA
Spike the spikes!
I purchased several of these, recently. Some
people, who need a surge suppressor, buy them already assembled. I buy the cheap AC extension strips (miust have room for MOV's)and add a couple of MOV's and or a MRI filter. It doesn't take long and save me money! KD5BIH

A customer from usa
MOV 7k180
Looks like you missed decimal place 7 K 180 stands for 7 mm 18.0 volts NOT 180 VOLTS wow NICE SMOKE

A customer from Houston, TX USA
Protect yourself...(llightening!)
I purchase cheap extension cords and add two
MOV's . It it has room, I add a AC receptacle RFI filter. KD5BIH

A customer from Wisconsin, USA
Actually 18 V devices
snap crackle pop!