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Sansa slotMusic Player. An inexpensive, easy-to-use MP3 player. Simply pop in a MicroSD card, plug in headphones or external amplifier into the standard 3.5mm stereo jack, and hit play. You can play, pause, skip through tracks and change volume using buttons on the device. Pocket-sized device with a durable feel. 36.3 x 72 x 15.3mm. Includes 2 GB piggyback MicroSD card and MicroSD card reader, so you can load your own MP3 tracks via the USB port on a computer. Operates on one AAA battery (not included). Headphones not included.
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Average Customer Review:  (12 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from WAUKEGAN, IL USA
It is everything as described
This is an interesting MP3 player.

I have given it a full blown 5 star rating because It performs perfectly to how it was designed to operate, as you will see in the manual from on line, you receive no manual with the unit.

I come from a long line of MiniDisc users but there are some mixes that are too big for the MiniDisc. I thought I would try this Sansa SlotMusic player.

First, the User Manual is here

Some History...
The Sansa SlotMusic Player is a creation from SanDisk.
They visioned a player that would play music from the micro card. The card would be marketed and packaged with pre recorded music as an alternative to the CD.
The Pre Rec cards were costly and did not go well with the buying public.

End of class.....

Now lets talk about the player itself.

In my opinion, this player is well built to take the knocks, though I did not drop it on the floor or off a bridge to test roughness. The cover is intended to be replaceable to change the looks of the player, IF YOU CAN STILL FIND THE COVERS.

This unit was never intended to play more than the amount of songs on a CD, say 21 tracks. So the player was designed to give you all the abilities of a cassette recorder.
You have play, stop, pause, fast foward, next track, fast rear, last track.
When you turn off the unit, then turn it back on, it will start where you last played a track as long as the battery does not go dead. If you change the battery, play will begin at the START of the compilation.

Formats.. plays MP3 or WMA

MEMORY... There is no mention of how big of a micro card you can use in the manual other than it can use the high capacity memory. One article says it will play from a 16 GB memory but be forwarned, this player does not find music by skipping easily and there is no display.

Battery is said to last 12 hours

Transferring music is as simple as drag and drop on the memory card.

Now that you know what the unit is designed for, IT DOES EVERYTHING IT WAS SUPPOSED TO DO and does it well.

The original idea of selling micro discs as music format seems to not have happened and using this player for SMALL compilations works VERY WELL, with about 20 tracks on the memory, you can easily search / skip to find songs.
HOWEVER, using VERY LARGE compilations, say 50 tracks, will not go well if you have to skip or search for songs, however, this is an excellant player for trips if you make your compilations long and just let them play...

This is also excellant for pod casts and or sending family messages to family.
( Mr Phelps, if you decide to accept this assignment for the Mission Impossible team ........ )

This was my introduction to MP3 and compared to the MD, this Sansa Slot Music player works well as long as you understand what it was intended for.... The sound seem almost as good as the MD reproduction sound. Use your imagination for what you can used it for as well.....

A customer from CAMBRIDGE, MA USA
MP3 player
Works great use it in my workshop with pair of powered computer speakers or when I 'm cutting the lawn etc and don't want to risk damaging my ipod. I have a 16G card w/o problem. Drop and drag loading.

worth it
I use mine kayaking, so low cost is a prime consideration.

The sound is great. The quality of construction is very good - but you can't easily take one apart without destroying it. It really looks like the battery spring connectors might be gold plated...
Battery life is exceptional. Easy to use.

I have four of these. The first pair was ordered with and without SD card. I got the card with the one that was supposed to have it but no adapter, which was only a minor inconvenience. The 1 GB card needed to be formatted before it would work or windoze wouldn't recognize it.

The last pair was ordered with SD cards and they came with 2 GB cards, and are preformatted. All work well and I loaded them with different music so I can alternate the genre of music I listen to out on the lake.

Might also mention the "Enloop" AAA rechargeable cells I bought from A.E.. They appear to be a good value too.

A customer from JACKSONVILLE, FL USA
Getting the card out
Good device overall. Good volume, good sound. There should be some instructions on how to get the card in and out. It has a latch that releases when you push IN on it.

A customer from Northern CA
The 1-star review guy needs a brain and
clearly doesn't understand the concept of how this machine works. 'The unit died when the battery was removed'!? Puh-leeze!
Unit does what it says, there are instructions
and they are understandible even with a minimum IQ. Player works just fine and is a
great deal.