CAT# MP3-3
$2.85 each
10 or more $2.50 each
Sansa slotMusic Player. Durable, pocket-sized MP3 player. Easy-to-use, simply pop in a MicroSD card, plug in headphones or external amplifier, and hit play. You can play, pause, skip through tracks and change volume using buttons on the device. Output, standard 3.5mm phone jack. 36.3 x 72 x 15.3mm. Requires one AAA battery, Micro-SD (1 GB or greater) and card reader (to add music to card), and headphone.

For AAA battery, see CAT# PRC-2400. For card reader, see CAT# SDR-4. For MicroSD card, see CAT# MSD-2. For MP3 player with 2 GB micro-SD card and card reader see CAT# MP3-1.
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Average Customer Review:  (6 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from WAUKEGAN, IL USA
To He Who Has Trouble With the Sansa Slot Music Player
I have several of these units and never had a problem, EVER.

HOWEVER: I do not play the MP3 type files. They are sloppy and have their own problems.
I play WMA files and every file plays perfectly. I have never experienced what you are talking about, limited time playback. My only limit is battery power.
In fact, that is the first place I would look because it sounds like a power problem. Maybe the clips are not making up properly.
The second place I would look is the Memory card. Not all memory cards are born the same, some are not good and others are just, well, better.

The gent that wants to play a file repeat... The unit does not have a repeat, that is true, but you can add the water sound file repeatedly, just add a a number, 1, 2, 3, etc to the file name so the computer ( I assume you are using a computer to transfer files ) will let you save multiple times on the Micro SD card.

I've gone as far as using the Sansa Slot Music Disc Player in the Aux input in the car stereo and the sound that comes out is just great.

For the current price, I will probably get a few extra, there are so many uses for these units, esp playing back audio books, or sending messages/letters/communications to loved ones, or partners in audio, these things are hard to beat. They Are All Electronics Corp's little secret. Better pick one up before people start to realize what a great deal they are and snag them all up.

Good day and keep smiling

A customer from LAGRANGE, KY USA
Works like a champ!!
Using this for an inexpensive coyote caller, for the price it can't be beat!!

A customer from Fayetteville NC USA
Hates VBR
Like a lot of car stereos and cheap players, this thing doesn't seem to like MP3 Variable Bit Rate tracks. VBR isn't officially part of the MP3 standard; it was tacked on as an afterthought and different encoders and players apply it differently. YMMV.

Anyway, for me there's a long delay before the song starts (as if the device has to load the entire file and analyse it first). Constant Bit Rate files seem to work fine.

My only other complaint is the lack of folder navigation or shuffle buttons. It's strictly sequential/alphanumeric order.

A customer from LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA USA
Works great as basic MP3 Player
Got an 8G class 4 microSD card at FRY's for about $6. I used the included adapter card and plugged it into the SD slot on my card reader and loaded a fairly large MP3 file at Root [on the card].

Then I popped a AAA NiMH battery into the battery holder, closed it up, plugged the MicroSD card into the slot [pushed it in far enough for it to "click"] and then pressed the play button. The "Ice Blue" LED came on for about a second then the file started playing [it's a two hour long recording of water rushing over rocks in a creek that helps me sleep]. The only draw back is there is no way to put it in Repeat mode [so it plays the water recording over and over], so it doesn't work for that application, but for playing songs: AOK!

Here's a link to the Manual:

A customer from HERNDON, VA USA
Works great for audiobooks
Since I started narrating audiobooks I have been looking for an easy way to distribute samples, sort of an electronic business card. These work great for the purpose as long as the files are organized to play in order. I even did a wraparound adhesive label in Powerpoint. Now I can hand out a sample of my work in a package that costs me less than $10 including headphones. And they don't have to turn it on to be reminded to look me up on!