$0.85 each
100 or more $0.65 each
Normally open switch with 1/4" bushing and red plastic button. Ideal for most low current projects.
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Average Customer Review:  (6 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from macclenny, FL USA
dont try to use it for audio!
I put an intercom system on my atv, using these as the push to talk buttons. they work intermittently, sounding scratchy. they would be perfect for any kind of current control, but not any audio situation.

A customer from san fransisco
great switch
ive soldered these for i long time and put them in water, they just wont break!

A customer from Klamath Falls, OR USA
My company uses a $99 remote door opener that, with constant use, lasts about 3 months. I replaced the three pushbuttons with these switches ($1.05) and the repaired unit has lasted 18 months without any problems. I cannot say enough good things about these switches!

A customer from ca, usa
Not too good
The plastic that hold the solder loop terminals cannot handle the solder heat and will melt, and might come loose, not recommended if you are going to solder wire to it EDITORS NOTE: This is a common problem when a high wattage soldering iron or soldering gun is used. Most components can not tolerate high heat.

A customer from USA
This last batch is cheap
I order a lot of these switches. This last batch I ordered seems cheap and is made from aluminum instead of steel like the ones previously. The red button is small and still has the plastic flashing on it from the molding process and seems flimsy. I don't like them and want the ones like in the photo to be sold again. I'd not recommend this switch.