6" X 12" X 0.062" SINGLE SIDE PC BOARD

CAT# PCB-612
$13.00 each
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from HOLLY SPRINGS, NC US
Awsome deal
I've made a few circuits we these boards, good bang for the buck. I usually cut them into 4 X 6 sections for use.

The method that works for me is to design the PCB in ExpressPCB(free) and then print onto glossy photo paper using a laser printer. No need to flip the circuit with this method, just place the sheet toner side down on the copper board, and iron it on with an clothes iron set at cotton/linen (highest), the board should get really hot and press hard to make sure it transfers well. Then put the board and paper into hot soapy water for 20 minutes, then rub off the soggy paper gently. Rinse, dry, and bridge any non-transfered spots with a sharpie. If you spend the time ironing then you probably wont need to touch up. If you used the sharpie let it dry for a few hours, then etch in ferric chloride, agitating until all copper has been dissolved. I usually design several circuits at once and put them all onto the same 4X6 board in expresspcb. After they are etched I drill the holes with my dremel. Then I draw pencil lines with a ruler and cut the circuits apart with a dremel and a cut-off wheel. This batch method works out for me.

A customer from Lakewood, CO US
You can't beat the price!
If you've ever made PCB's I'm sure you've figured out that double sided boards are nearly impossible. These are really big boards for a great price!