CAT# PPC-273
$1.00 each
10 to 99 $0.85 each
100 or more $0.70 each
270 uF, 330 WV photo-flash capacitor. 0.6" diameter x 1.77" high. Lead length, 0.45". Removed from new equipment.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

Finian Blackett from Denver, CO
Great Value, but may be dangerous
I got the same thing from a disposable flash camera for free, but you should never open up a disposable camera without proper safety measures... I shorted a live one with a screwdriver and there are two dents and a few scorch marks on the screwdriver. The scorches come from the sparks (and there are a LOT of sparks) and the dents come from where the current melted the metal. So beware these! When misused, they are very dangerous.