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Assembly consisting of the following:
· 24Vdc 0.7A open frame power supply. 5" x 2" open frame.
· IEC input receptacle with noise filter
· GMA fuse post, shock-proof style
· DPST rocker switch
· SPST normally-open pushbutton switch

All parts are easily removable. Removed from working equipment in good condition.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from MONTCLAIR, CA USA
Interesting Japan-made assembly...
When you take a closer look at this one you will observe that it is a very interesting assembly consisting of the following parts:

- Noise filter rated 250V/2A/50-60Hz (made in Korea)
- Fuse holder rated 250V/10A, chassis mount (contains a 20mm long 250V/3.15A fuse, made in Japan)
- Dual pole on-off switch rated 250Vac-4A/125Vac-6A, chassis mount (origin unknown)
- Omron A3AA-90K1-00L momentary push button switch rated 250Vac-2A/125Vac-6A/30Vdc-4A, chassis mount (made in Japan)
- Cosel LDA15F-24 switching power supply board rated 100-240V 0.37A as far as the input is concerned (made in Japan)
- Four 8mm steel posts with screws on both sides to mount the PCB on the steel chassis

You can google "LDA15F" for the 2-page specification sheet as well as a user manual. Google can also supply you with two big pictures showing both sides of this board. There are two small transformers on the switching power supply. The first appears to be an isolation transformer supplying a small bridge rectifier followed by a Nippon Chemi-con 68uF/400V flat electrolytic capacitor (105C). The output supplies a Sanyo 2SK1459 N-Mosfet controlled by a circuit on the bottom side of the board.

All that leads to the second transformer with two primaries and one secondary windings. There is a dotted line printed on the PCB indicating that there is isolation between circuits. The control signal is passed through via an optocoupler. The second transformer supplies a dual power diode D5LC40 (on a small heat-sink) rated 400V/5A, connected in a half-wave rectifier topology. There is a zener diode after that and three United Chemi-con 150uF/35V electrolytic capacitors (105C). There is also some circuit on the bottom side of the PCB that controls the low voltage output. All the components on that side are SMD but there are no ICs, just capacitors, resistors and a few transistors.

Overall a nice little assembly that may be of good use to DIY enthusiasts. The price is right too because it is brand new.