CAT# PS-255
$7.00 each
10 or more $6.50 each
Mean Well# S-25-5.
Input: 100-240VAC, 0.6A 50/60Hz.
Output 5Vdc, 5A.
99 x 97 x 36mm ( 3.90" x 3.85" x 1.43") vented metal cabinet. Screw terminal input and output. Voltage adjustable 4.75 - 6.75V. LED indicator. Short-circuit, over-voltage, over-load protection. UL, CE.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from Northwest Ohio
Good Price
I purchased 5 of these at this price. They are genuine MeanWell power supplies. I seem to have better luck with MeanWell power supplies than other Chinese brands of this type of power supply. I have not had a chance to test any of them yet, but even if one of them turns out defective it's still a deal. These are perfect for powering microcontroller devices and associated circuitry such as Arduino and Neopixel projects. Plenty of power to light up huge strings of Neopixels.