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Goldtech #PS-100-0021. ON=0.17"WC. Max. 1psi. Field adjustable. Large diameter diaphragm with 5A SPDT, snap-action switch. Noryl® (PPO) case material. Multi-barb port connection for 0.250" and 0.375". 80mm diameter x 48.5mm overall thickness. Recommend vertical mount. Overall height: 100mm.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from AUSTIN, TX USA
specialized toy but too pricy!
This looks like it might be a nifty toy for those trying to automate an air handler or monitor a PC cooling system. Maybe to monitor gas storage at low pressure in a water displacement system. But it is just too expensive to buy on a "maybe it would work" basis.

Might I suggest you offer 2 for $12 ? I might bite at that price. Two would work for max-min pressure limit sensing.

If they are sealed on both sides (they appear to be), they could make good differential sensors for detecting clogged air filters and such. Or to make an air velocity minimum flow alarm using a Pitot tube.