CAT# R6000
$0.50 each
100 to 999 $0.40 each
1000 or more $0.30 each
0.2 Amp, 6000 V rectifier diode.
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Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from SEATTLE, WA USA
It's fast-recovery
Report of a recovery-time measurement: 120nS, so it should work fine on KHz fast inverters/multipliers. See tesla coil forum http://www.pupman.com/listarchives/2002/February/msg01411.html

A customer from Santa Barbara, CA
Air Breakdown Concerns
This is a great price for a 6kV rectifier. Potting anything working in that region and above is pretty good practice regardless of case dimensions.

Air breaks down at around 3 Megavolts per meter, which comes out to 30kV per centimeter.
Does anybody know the dimensions of the package?

A customer from OSHKOSH, WI USA
this diode is labeled gp260

datasheet http://www.taitroncomponents.com/catalog/Datasheet/GP235.pdf

A customer from BELCHERTOWN, MA US
Diode rating
The size of the molded epoxy is probably not adequate for 6kV; some of these type diodes are intended to be "re-molded" or potted in a final product to provide enough space between the 2 connections so that breakover does not occur.