CAT# RLY-453
$2.50 each
100 or more $2.20 each
Omron #LY2-UA-006244. 110/120 Vac coil, 3.87K Ohms. DPDT contacts rated 12 Amps @ 240 Vac. 1/2 HP. Clear polycarbonate case with mounting flange, 1.11" x 0.84" x 1.38" high. Mounting slots on 1.5" centers. Solder or socket mount. UL, CSA.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Vermont
Several in use, they have been reliable switching near their rated capacity. Terminals are all 0.187 QC

A customer from Las Vegas, NV
works with Leviton motion switch
I used this relay on the output of my Leviton motion switch because it doesn't support the flourecent lights in my kitchen, I needed to add a single lamp holder to the output of the switch and then put the relay in parralel, the relay then controls the flourecent light ballast(there are 3 different ones) The single light was needed because the relay didn't load the switch down enough to get the switchs internal circut to turn off. (the switch has no neutral so it is fussy about loads) The relay worked great to handle the main lights

A customer from FAIRFIELD, CA USA
Nice Relay
A very good little relay. Suitable for use in making simple 120VAC logic circuits for line powered equipment. The 12A contact rating makes this relay suitable for motor control applications.

A customer from Chicago, IL
Works great
Used it to turn on an outdoor solar lamp (12V) through the indoor light switch (120VAC).