CAT# RLY-495
$0.60 each
10 to 99 $0.55 each
100 or more $0.45 each
Meder # DIP05-1A57. 5 Vdc, 350 Ohm coil. S.P.S.T., normally-open contacts. IC DIP configuration.
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Average Customer Review:  (6 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Ontario Canada
Meder DIP relay

A customer from Glendale, CA
Rated Current?
What's the rated contact current? Does it work with 3Vdc?

A customer from California
Data Page
Here is the company and its data page, always check the web for information on components , http://www.meder.com/fileadmin/meder/pdf/en/Products/Reed_Relays/Relay_DIP_Series_E.pdf

Paul Smith from Hutchinson, MN
Good Relay
Very good for sending a signal. I use it for my Arduino and it is perfect! Very quiet, very quick, and very durable.

I wasnt able to find a data sheet anywhere for this but here it is:

Coil: 2/6 (polarity didnt seem to matter, email me if you disagree!)
14/1 closes to 8/7

not sure about 13 and 9, possibly blank since its a SPST

Pinout and other info
Here is what I measured on one unit:

1, 14 - connected together
2, 6 - 335 ohm coil, no diode so either polarity OK.
I verified this by connecting +5VDC both
ways and measuring the current draw.

3, 4, 5 - no pins
7, 8 - connected together
9 - no connection
10, 11, 12 - no pins
13 - no connection
8, 14 - Normally Open (NO) contact.

Contact closes about 2.35V
Contact opens about 2.31V