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Great-sounding little 8 Ohm speaker. Sealed 1.25" square x 0.90" deep enclosure. Mylar cone with rubber surround provides good response for its size. 2.5" leads with 2-pin (2mm) socket connector.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Indianapolis, IN USA
Great Breadboarding Speaker
Bought 10 of these speakers for use in an after-school engineering class.
The connectors furnished on the speaker assembly is handy; breadboard wires plug right in.
For our application so far (introduction to microcontrollers) we were able to successfully operate these speakers in a circuit powered by a Microchip PICKit3 ICD. We drove a the speaker via an NPN transistor in an emitter follower topology, using a 1kOhm series base resistance and a 220Ohm series emitter resistance. The PICKit3 target power is for circuits consuming < 30mA per Microchip's documentation... making this a pretty efficient little speaker.
We were happily outputting square wave tones by the end of class. :-)
Thanks All Electronics!

A customer from Saint Johns, Florida, USA
Great for G Gauge Locos
I am into G gauge model trains and needed a good speaker for an R/C with sound conversion that I was working on. I only had a little over an inch wide space under the hood after installing the batteries and receiver/sound board, and this speaker fit the bill. The sound is incredible for such a small sized speaker. I am thoroughly amazed (and delighted). Who would think a speaker this size could possibly have the performance of a speaker 2-3 times it size? Thanks All Electronics!

A customer from Canton, GA
Great sounds for a model Railroad
Good full sound from a very small speaker and you don't have to build an enclosure. Easy to hide in the scenery on the model railroads I build and sell. I highly recommend.