CAT# SMT-135
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Minebea Astrosyn Type 23LM-K255-03. NEMA 23 bipolar stepper motor. 1.8 degree per step. 57 x 57mm mounting plate. 57mm diameter x 40mm long, excluding shaft. 6.5mm diameter x 23mm long shaft. Eight 6" leads with 8-conductor female socket connector (0.1" spacing). Used, removed from equipment.
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Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from TUCSON, AZ USA
Stepper Motor Wiring
Here is what I found out about the wiring on this motor:
A winding 1 + = Red
A winding 1 - = Black
A winding 2 + = White
A winding 2 - = Yellow
B winding 1 + = Green
B winding 1 - = Orange
B winding 2 + = Brown
B winding 2 - = Blue

Connect Black to White and Orange to Brown to use as a 4 wire or 6 wire.

A customer from SOMERVILLE, MA USA
Good Motor
Motor works as designed, signs of slight use but well worth the money.

A customer from Los Angeles
Gathering info

Trying to gather data on this motor before hooking it up. The above site has similar motors rated at 2-5v @ 1.5-2A. And like a good place to start.

Sam from Somerville MA
8-wire stepper
I also purchased some of these motors but don't know which color wires go with which windings. Any suggestions would be appreciated.