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MSA Solenoid. D-frame solenoid, 1.5" x 1.65" x 1.75". 0.5" plunger with removable spring-return. Intermittent duty cycle. 12Vdc, 5.3 Ohm coil. 5.5" leads with 2-conductor female Molex-type connector.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Asheville, NC
That's how solenoids work
All solenoids develop maximum force when the plunger is seated. It is common to drive them with a much higher voltage to pull it in with greater force, then reduce the voltage once seated so that the coil doesn't burn up. This is easily accomplished with a microprocessor using PWM.

A customer from GRAND RAPIDS, MI USA
For its size you would think this would be stronger then it is. Once fully pulled in, its holding power isn't bad, but it has a hard time moving something with resistance. I wound up putting 24v to it and that helped some, but still pretty weak.