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Output: approximately 3 Volts @ 40 mA. 60mm square x 2.5mm thick epoxy-encapsulated silicon photovoltaic cell. Solid, almost-unbreakable module with solderable foil strips on backside. Ideal for solar-powered battery chargers and other projects.
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Average Customer Review:  (15 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from New Jersey
Great Product
I used two of these in a solar powered garden light project. Two are able to charge 4 Ni-Cad batteries on a sunny day. They work exactly like expected, the only down side are the solderable foil strips on the back. The strips bend and rip fairly easily when the wires attached to them are moved around, but a little glue from a hot glue gun solved that problem.

A customer from THOMASVILLE, GA US
Solar Radios
A great little solar cell. I use it to manufacture solar radios.

A customer from GREENWICH, CT USA
great value.
As echoed before, don't fold back the tabs or remove the tape. Instead use a braided wired to couple the cells together. You do this because the expansion and contraction of the cell in the sun can snap the flat leads, and a thin low amp braided wire will give the array a very long life, and help to avoid disconnected cells. Most of the cells I received averaged 3.9V @ 55mAh in full noon sun. Very happy so far.

A customer from Houston, TX USA
Classy Little Solar Cell!!
I bought one about a month ago... Very classy solar panel!! Front panel is immaculate and polished! !This panel has leads. Most solar cells, you have to add them your-selfs! Vey impressive AE!! I'm buying 3 more! With 4, I get 12volts! KD5BIH

A customer from BURLINGTON, WA USA
Durability Issues
A very good cell except they do not tolerate exposure to moisture and temperature variations. I used several to fabricate some Solar LED lights which worked well but over the course of a year outside these cells will delaminate from exposure to moisture and temperature. So... they are not really "nearly indestructable". I'd say more like... "duable".