$3.25 each
Crouzet M-OAC5-315. Input: 3 - 8 Vdc. Output: 1 Amp, 24-140 Vac. PC mount, solid-state relay. 1.70" x 1.03" x 0.38". UL, CE.
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Average Customer Review:  (10 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from SF, CA
high resistances
The input is about 1.2K ohm. The output is 2.16K ohm (I used 5v to trigger it). It's phsyically big, and the resistances are pretty high.

A customer from OTTO, NC US
Great SSR
A previous comment talked about resistances. I do not use an ohmmeter to evaluate an AC Solid State Relay. I just measured the voltage across the contacts under load. Here is what I got: Using 5 v.dc I switched on a 7 watt 120 volt night light. The voltage across the "contacts" was 1.3vac. This is a very low amount in my opinion. 120 v. minus 1.3 = 118.7v for the lamp. Not bad at all. A 1% voltage loss.
On the input end:Using 5v., I had a reading of 17 ma.dc. Hope this helps.
I will be using this relay to switch on a set of those new LED Christmas lights. I hope to be able to switch at a fast enough speed to control the brightness and by using several sets create some interesting effects.

A customer from SAVANNAH, GA USA
I've used these to control 120v led strip lighting for part of a halloween display. You can't really PWM something on AC, but you can do a lot of flashing. Most recently I used these as the relays in an arduino powered thermostat. They have worked great for every application. The only downside is that they are physically large for packing several into the thermostat but on the plus side you can connect them directly to the output pin or a PIC without any other parts.

Wayne Hutchison from Tulsa, OK
Great product, works as advertized
I bought these to control my flood lights and switched them with 3, 5, and 12VDC. They worked flawlessly. At this price, I will be buying more of these gems.

schmidtw from CA, USA
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