$0.45 each
22mm O.D. x 14mm I.D. x 6.5mm (0.86"O.D. x 0.54"I.D. x 0.26"). Charcoal color.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from LK FOREST PK, WA USA
This is an FT-87-W. I got 27.9 mH from 60 turns of #24 wire. See <http://www.mag-inc.com/products/ferrite-cores/ferrite-toroids> and <http://www.mag-inc.com/products/ferrite-cores/w-material>. Magnetics, Inc says "W material is a high permeability material used for EMI/RMI suppression, common mode chokes, pulse and broadband transformers." They might be a bit lossy in a switched mode power supply, but I think they would make nice audio filter inductors, if you don't mind winding a zillion turns on a smallish toroid. Amidon sells them for $1.20 apiece.

A customer from Near Disneyland, So. Calif.
TOR-61 High Permeability Toroid
I wound 24 inches of 24 AWG insulated telephone wire on one core, which gave about 27 turns. The inductance measured 1.75 millihenrys. This core makes a good choice for an inverter or filter choke.