$7.50 each
XL6009 DC-DC UP voltage regulator (boost driver). Input: 4-32V, 1. 2A continuous current. 3A max. Output: 5-35V adjustable. 1.90" x 0.98" x 0.5". Mounting holes.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Southampton, NY USA
Great little device but incorrectly-labeled as "buck-boost". It is not; it Boost ONLY. Caveat Emptor

A customer from New Mexico, USA
poor quality control
my unit had defective 10K pot -- backlash was so extreme that output adjustment was impossible. I put in a good pot and now it works fine. EDITORS NOTE: Sorry to hear you received a defective unit. We have not had any other reports of defective parts. We would have gladly replaced the unit if you would have contacted our customer service department.

A customer from Ventura, CA
Nice little module!
I bought one of these to make a car charger for my Norelco shaver. The shaver requires 15vdc @ around 300mA. I cannibalised the AC adapter that came with the shaver for it's cord & plug, and bought this dc-dc converter, a small plastic box, and a car power plug from "All Electronics". Works great, and at the current it's drawing, it doesn't even get warm! I ordered a replacement AC adapter off eBay for $5 from China.