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Inspect paper currency, ultra-violet hand stamps, look for small fluorescent creatures in the dark. Pocket-size UV light fits on key ring. 13mm diameter x 62mm long. Operates on three LR-44 button cells (included). Because the batteries in the flashlight may be old or corroded, we are also including three new batteries.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Laguna Beach, CA USA
Nice Little Light
Yes indeed, they ARE including a fresh set of batteries with the light. Good thing, too, because the batteries in mine were not only dead, but we're starting to leak. They each had a light peppering of white powder on their positive terminals. This made them hard to remove by gravity alone, but a stack of 3/8" Neodymium magnets retrieved them just fine.

Inspection revealed no apparent corrosive damage to the inner surfaces, and with the new batteries installed the light works just fine.

The removable guard around button is a nice feature--prevents (or at least reduces) the possibility of the light being activated while in the pocket, yet a slot in the guard allows a fingernail to press the button.

Richard Jackson from Orange County California
As shipped with the installed battries, the unit will only work for a very short time. The 3 LR44 battries that power the device should be replaced with fresh battries. There is no balast resistor in this configuration. good source of a UV LED EDITORS NOTE: We have found the batteries to be weak as stated above and are now including three fresh batteries with each light.

A customer from Seattle
Didn't work at all upon receiving. Put in the included 2nd set of batteries and still didn't work. Junk! Buy the more expensive 12 or 16 bulb products.