$3.98 each
An all-purpose, electrically conductive glue ideal for bonding all kinds of low-voltage connections. Makes a permanent bond without heat. Lead-free. 0.3 fl.oz. jar.
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Average Customer Review:  (7 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Naples, Italy
Conductive Glue
I was looking something to repair the keypads on our office phones and I was a little reluctant to use conductive paint. After purchasing and using Wire Glue, our office phones were as good as new. I was also able to repair two television remote controls as well. Wire Glue is easy to use and is an inexpensive alternative to remote control repair kits.

A customer from Miami, Fl
Great for Attaching Wires to Small Solar Panels
better than having to solder the wires on. I highly recommend this product

Sterling Wolfe from Los Angeles.
Sorry, this isn't 'glue'.
I already own a big can of conductive paint. Owned it before buying this stuff. And what this stuff is, is conductive paint. The only different between a can of conductive paint and 'glue' is price. On the upside, however, it does work reasonably well, the container is MUCH easier to work with on the fly than even a small size can of paint, and they're recommendation for using a toothpick for applying is killer. But glue?! Sorry, no. This is no more 'glue' than liquid paper is 'glue' ... with the difference being that this stuff dries significantly slower. Maybe it deserves four stars based on efficacy. But I'm just not a big fan of the manufacturer misrepresenting what the stuff inside they're tiny container actually is. Anybody know of actual conductive glue? I could really use some, and this just ain't it.

A customer from PITTSFIELD, IL US
Works great for repairing remotes
I read somewhere that you can repair tv remotes by coating the backs of the buttons with silver conductive paint. I am really cheap so I tried this glue instead and it has worked great.

A customer from LA, USA
Makes great conductive gloves
Reading prior comments saying it was more paint-like than glue-like, that got me thinking, and I bought a bottle to see if it would convert a pair of poly/acrylic gloves to make them work with capacitive touchscreens on mobile devices. Of course, Any Glove sells a product that is also a black water-soluble carbon-based fluid ($20 for 15mL!), so for $4 for 9mL, I decided to experiment with Wire Glue.

Following the directions for Any Glove and making sure to stir and mix vigorously, I now have killer capacitive gloves, plus lots of fluid left to convert more pairs of gloves, which dries to a rubber-like consistency. Perfect for gloves!

I haven't tried Wire Glue for other apps (I solder), but it paid off already.