$4.95 each
Crisp, clear amplified sound for your iPod or other portable music player. Requires a bit of minor surgery. Cut off the proprietary Sony-Ericsson plug, and attach a 3.5mm stereo phone plug and a power source (batteries or power supply). Color-coded wires in control cable are easy to identify; red and black for 5 Vdc power, blue, green and copper for left and right audio signal. 35" cable between speakers. 15" cable between speaker and connector. Operates on 5 Vdc (power source not included). Speaker dimensions: 2.1" high x 1.8" wide x 1.2" deep. Of course, if you have the Sony-Ericsson phone/music player that these were designed for, just plug and play.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Average Customer Review:  (6 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from WALDORF, MD USA
My computer Logitech S-120 speakers stopped working and while I was changing out the amplifier board, I saw a youtube vid on converting these MPS-70s to handle USB and standard stereo headphones by DIY Perks. Out of curiosity, I purchased 3 of these with the idea of converting 2 of them into a soundbar and the third into a replacement set for the 120. And, they work nicely as a replacement for the Logitech and to my ears sound better.

Just keep expectations reasonable and don't expect it to sound as good as $1000 KLH speakers but for laptop or desktop speakers these are fine.

A customer from KIRKLAND, WA USA
Nice Speakers - here's the pin out
These are nice speakers to use with any MP3 player, the price for new is about as good as you will find. Here is the pin out for them, just chop off the connector and solder on a regular phono plug.
Red wire = 3 -5V DC power supply
Black Wire = Ground
Blue wire = left speaker
Green wire = right speaker
clear insulation wire = tie to +V to turn on the speakers (could be rigged for an on off switch). Hint, the wires, even after to strip off the insulation are hard to solder, I think there might be some sort of varnish on them, just keep the heat on and use flux.
They sound awesome with my Sansa Player !

Ricky Earp from TULSA, OK USA
Well, just OK...
I bit and got these even after reading the reviews. Should. coulda, woulda spent a little more for the Logitecs. The low end freq. resp. on these "dies" above 200Hz by measurement in ARTA audio software and a calibrated AF measurement mic. The distortion is higher than I can stand at even "background music level" for more than about a half hour at a time fed by CD or FLAC files. Low-rate MP3 files, forget 'em!

Like the flat panel speakers, these are an idea who's time hasn't come yet. There are tiny speakers made that sound good, but sadly, they aren't these. Not "knocking" AE on these, just not their best item they've had.

A customer from STONEY CREEK, ON CAN
wires hard to solder
The reason why the wires are hard to solder is because most audio and power cords of this type use high carbon wires for flexibility,but the other poster is right,just keep the heat going and use flux!!

A customer from WAUKEGAN, IL USA
Interesting Speaker ....BUT
I bought a set of these speakers for a portable self powered speaker for RV or camping.. It sort of fills the bill.

I was drawn in by one of the reviews and decided to try them, I have the following conclusions.

The speakers come with a clear case, it used to be shown in a pic but AE took it out for some reason...It is more a storage case and you need to remove the speakers to play.

I find with playing the Sansa SlotMusic Player on these mini-speakers that the sound is "SOFT" in volume, may be good for a quiet office or room environment but if you are in a noisy area, they can't compete with the room or outside sounds. Trying to get the sound louder, to the soft level, by cranking up the Sansa Slot Music Player volume will eat up the Sansa battery pretty fast. I did connect a Sony Mini Disc player to them and the volume improved but don't think you are going to get loud blasting sound, at best figure on just under normal volume at best.

The speaker cones are small about 1 1/4" with a metallic center... the sound has a limited range and a kind of metallic sound to them, not too bad but enough to bother you if you are trying to listen to something for a period of time.

It comes ready to plug into an Erickson/SONY product. The wiring schem from AE is accurate, the copper is for speaker common. The device that this was intended to connect to turned it on and off through the power wires, red and black.
Uses 5vdc, you can use 4 rechargable batts at 1.25vdc each, total 5vdc. or 3 alk batts at 1.5vdc or 4.5 vdc total. A power supply might be a good idea.

Converting the plug requires a 3.5mm stereo plug, and whatever you use to connect to supply power, easy enough, everything available here at AE.

If you are using these for playback out in the field, well in a car, to check field recordings, these will work fine, same with a low noise room, esp if you have the Sansa Music Disc player memory disk filled with commercial free music, for an ambient background sound while you are busy or doing things.

Also will work to connect to a video cam sound source or for sound monitoring of whatever you are monitoring...

If you are an perfectionist audiophile, you may not appreciate this product - you have been warned.